Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement in South Scottsdale, AZ

As much as you rely on your garbage disposal to work without fail, it is no wonder that when it doesn’t work properly it can leave you feeling irritated and uncertain about what comes next. If you flip the switch to your disposal and are greeted with icy silence, the situation may not be as dire as it appears. This is when you need to call My South Scottsdale Plumber Hero for professional garbage disposal repair service.

Can I Fix My Garbage Disposal on My Own?

There are a few things that you can do to try to get your disposal working again. A lot of times the problem is that the motor turned itself off as a fail-safe. If you were trying to grind up too much food at one time, this may happen. To fix this situation, you need to find the reset button that is located on the bottom or side of the motor. Press the button and then try to turn the disposal back on. Usually, this solution will work and put you back in charge of garbage disposal.

Is your disposal not turning properly? In a case like this, there may be food particles or other foreign matter stuck in between the blades. To figure out if this is the problem, you need to turn the power off to the disposal and visually examine the blades using a flashlight. If you can see that something is indeed stuck, use tweezers, a wooden spoon, or a pair of pliers to remove the object. Hopefully, this will get your disposal moving again.

If neither of these suggestions works, you’ll probably need professional plumbing service. We don’t recommend homeowners working on their disposals unless they have a plumbing background. This is to protect you and your appliance.

Do You Install Garbage Disposals?

You bet! Our plumbing contractors are industry-trained and certified to install any type of disposal on the market. Their expertise enables them to properly help you choose a new disposal that will meet your horsepower and operating needs. By electing to hire us for professional garbage disposal installation in South Scottsdale, AZ, you are taking steps to protect your garbage disposal’s warranty.

Too many people opt for amateur installation to save money, but they don’t realize that if the garbage disposal is not installed according to manufacturer requirements it can void the warranty that came with the appliance. With our special savings programs and new customer discounts, there are many ways to save money and still get professional installation.

Call us today and let us show you how affordable and reliable quality garbage disposal repair and replacement service in South Scottsdale, AZ, can be.