Toilet Repair and Toilet Replacement in South Scottsdale, AZ

Toilets are a frequently used fixture in the home. So, that you are not inconvenienced it’s important that the commodes in your home are working properly. Leaks, frequent clogs, and other problems need to be repaired right away. At My South Scottsdale Plumber Hero, we work with the best-trained plumbers in the area to provide you with fast, affordable, and precise toilet repair and replacement 24/7.

We Fix Leaky Toilets Fast!

Do you know what a leaky toilet looks and sounds like? When water seeps from the base of the toilet, it’s obvious there is a problem. However, other problems aren’t so obvious. Here are some clues to pay attention to in order to help you determine if you have a leak.

  • Leaky toilet bases occur when a toilet seal needs to be replacement or if a toilet is loose or installed incorrectly.
  • Water that flows back into your toilet and causes a rippling effect in the toilet bowl is a good indicator that a leak exists in the tank.
  • Toilets that run nonstop are leaky toilets. Toilets that flush by themselves are leaky toilets. If you’re toilet is exhibiting any of those behaviors, call for repairs.

With the exception of water leaking from the base, most toilet leaks are not going to damage your home. However, ignoring them for a long time could damage your income. Leaky toilets can run your water bill up in no time at all and have the potential of costing hundreds of extra dollars over the course of a few short month.

Stop Clogged Toilets

You are not helpless when it comes to clogged toilets. With a little bit of know-how and preventive action, you can protect your plumbing system from destructive clogs. The top causes for blockages are using too much toilet paper or flushing the wrong products. Many people mistakenly believe that it is okay to flush items like hygiene wipes, feminine products, paper towels, tissues, and other paper products.

The only product you should flush is toilet paper. Toilet paper is made to break apart in the water and dissolve. All other paper products do not possess this quality and can easily cling to the side of your pipes, which eventually will create a barrier that prevents water from flowing through.

Another contributing factor to toilet obstructions are small children. Toilets are a mystery to toddlers. Children love flushing items down the toilet and giggling in delight and awe as their stuffed animals, toy cars, and other toys disappear. Unfortunately, these items don’t really disappear. They simply get stuck in the piping and cause quite a bit of problems. We recommend that households with small children consider purchasing an inexpensive toilet lock to keep toys out of the toilet.

Toilet Replacement Is Just a Phone Call Away!

Are you interested in replacing an old, under-performing toilet in one or more of your bathrooms? Give us a call and we’ll send a plumber to your home today to discuss your options. Our toilet replacement plumbing service for South Scottsdale residents includes quality installation at bargain prices.

To learn more about My South Scottsdale Plumber Hero and the many ways we can help you today, give us a call!